mobile bathroom replacement

Bathroom Installations

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton: If you are like the average Edmonton homeowner, you're always looking for some way to spice ...
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bathtub replacement

Bathtub Installations

Bathtub Replacement & InstallationWhether you are looking for replacement bathtubs for your home in Edmonton or a new bathtub installation, ...
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mobile bathroom replacement 1

Mobile Home Replacement Bathtubs and Showers

Mobile Home Tub Replacement The most frequently remodeled room in a mobile home is the bathroom, because the sinks, tubs, ...
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shower replacement

Shower Installations

Looking for a Replacement Shower?At Edmonton Bath Products, Ltd., we established a commitment when we opened our doors in 1979 ...
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steam shower 2

Steam Showers

Steam Showers for Healing and Relaxation: Ever since the days of the Roman baths, steam has been known to provide ...
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