Our polyester-based shower bases come in a variety of shapes based around a standard 36″ x 36″ square, but we also can make custom size bases depending on what you need for your new bathroom. We also make a standard 32″ x 32″ square for bathrooms that require the utmost in efficiency for space in design.

The shapes based around the standard square include having a curve on one side with three right angles on the other corner, as well as a neo-angle base that makes the most space for a shower in a slightly smaller bathroom. We offer double-threshold shower bases when the stall kit makes that necessary to keep water from getting out of the shower at the bottom of the door.

The polyester-based materials in our shower bases are manufactured in colors that complement a wide variety of color schemes. Made generally in white or a light off-white color, these bases work well with many of our different cultured marble shower and bathtub walls. Shower stall bases are not supposed to stand out on their own in most cases, but they should serve as complements to the other design choices that you have made.

Our cultured marble shower walls come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from solid colors to veined and marbled finishes. This means that you get the same reliable performance no matter which one of the many color options you select. Our installation process seals both the cultured marble walls as well as the glass stall pieces to the floor, so that water cannot get through and cause issues in your interior spaces.